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Our products

We supply a large range of lift components including position indicator screens, communication devices, emergency telephones and GSM technology, lift door detectors, push buttons and more to lift and installation companies throughout New Zealand. Based in Christchurch, we hold stock of our products and have a full service and support team available by phone, email or in person. Our onsite designers can create imagery for our screens to suit your customers’ needs. If you would like to find out more about the product options we provide, please contact us and we’d be delighted to have a chat.


Lift displays

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From 2.7 inch to 21.5 inch full colour displays (and everything in between) we have lift cars and landings covered.

Our lift displays are great for small projects through to large networked buildings with options to include dynamic media, imagery, tenant information and messages.

Our displays are Australian made and come with full New Zealand based and manufacturer technical support.

Contact us to find out about our range of lift display options for your building.



  • Position indication

  • Scrolling or rotating arrows

  • Tenant information

  • Emergency messages

  • Specialised graphics

  • Networking


Door detectors



Door detectors, light curtains, door beams, light rays - whatever you call them, we stock a range of units in varying widths and heights.

We hold stock of all of our range in Christchurch. Contact us for detailed information.



  • 1.865m - 2m heights available

  • 9mm - 30mm wide options available

  • 2D and 3D

  • Flashing light units


Emergency telephones

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emergency telephones

The reliability and ease of use of the emPHONE makes our range of auto dialling emergency telephones and intercom communication systems the product of choice in the lift industry in New Zealand. We also provide both single and dual sim card GSM units which integrate with an emPHONE.

Manufactured in Australia, proving high quality and reliability.

Ask us about our telephone plates complete with emPHONE and telephone push button.



  • GSM units with long battery back up

  • Line and external powered units

  • Fully monitored systems

  • Internal or external speakers


push buttons



We stock a range of Dewhurst and Everbright push buttons with dual and single illumination options, a variety of finishes, sizes and push button models.



  • Different voltages

  • Single & Dual illumination

  • Round and Square

  • Replacements for older style buttons


Braille plates

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braille plates

The perfect solution for landings and next older buttons to ensure your lift is compliant. We have a range of sizes and hold a large stock of numerals, letters and symbols.



  • Hairline stainless steel

  • Sizes from 25mm - 100mm


Custom fixtures


custom fixtures

Custom made or standard landing fixtures including pushbuttons, position indicators and lanterns. We provide options for both flush and surface mount fixtures and can manufactured to suit specific requirements.

Made in New Zealand to suit local needs.



  • Landing fixtures

  • COP’s

  • Telephone plates

  • Surface and flush mount options


key switches

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key switches

Elevator key switches available with different key positions, a range of TOK key numbers, standard and custom rims in silver, red and black.

Made in Australia for a high quality range of key switches.



  • Key out 2 positions or Spring return

  • T3, 5, 7, 9, 37 available

  • Large range of small studless rims

  • Custom rims available


emergency lighting

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Emergency Lighting

Surge protected lighting back up with RCBE to protect life and to protect overload on a circuit. Easy to install in existing or new lifts with different mounting positions.

Australian made, with a full manufactures warranty.



  • Battery back up for a minimum of two hours

  • 12V output for emergency phone

  • Horizontal or vertical mounting


audio devices

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Audio devices

Two-tone gongs with the ability to alter volume during specific hours and voice annunciation units available with standard or custom recorded audio files to suit your clients’ building.

Our audio devices are made in Australia.



  • Digital volume control

  • In built encoder card

  • 64 Levels/ 16 messages